Why Host Your Orlando Wedding in Winter Park, FL?

Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a unique Orlando wedding venue, away from the hubbub of the theme parks. 

Or maybe you crave a stress-free wedding and need an all-inclusive wedding package. 

Whether you’re a local or a guest to the Orlando area, Celebration Gardens is an ideal option for you! Located in Winter Park, FL, our botanical garden wedding venue is home to a newly renovated indoor/outdoor event space, perfect for intimate weddings and larger celebrations. We offer all-inclusive wedding packages to make your wedding planning as seamless as possible and partner with John Michael Events to wine and dine you and your guests. 

In this post, we’ll explore the many benefits to hosting your wedding in Winter Park, FL. We’ll tell you more about our unique garden wedding venue and illustrate the many possibilities you have for your wedding here at Celebration Gardens. 

Most importantly, we’ll answer the question: Why host your Orlando wedding in Winter Park, FL?

 Now without further ado, let’s dive in! 

  • Location, location, location! 

Reason #1 to host your wedding in Winter Park, FL is the location! 

Winter Park, FL is situated in the heart of Orlando about 15 minutes from downtown, 40 minutes from the airport, and 45 minutes from all the major theme parks. This is the perfect spot for you and your guests to enjoy all that Orlando has to offer, from the award-winning restaurants in downtown Orlando to the upscale shopping areas in Winter Park, FL to of course, all the theme parks. 

Hosting your wedding weekend in Winter Park, FL means that you get a well-rounded Orlando experience, one that is completely unique with many different possibilities. Plus, Winter Park, FL is not tourist central, like the theme park area is, which means fewer families and less traffic!

  • Offer the Unexpected 

Orlando is more than just theme parks! Winter Park, FL is known for its natural parks and gardens, flourishing art scene, and luxury shopping experiences. One of the top attractions here is the Morse Museum of American Art, which houses the vast collection of the famed artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany. 

What does this mean for your wedding in Winter Park, FL? 

It means that you can pair your wedding with a variety of unique activities for a full wedding weekend experience! 

The day before the wedding, you can all enjoy a boat ride down the scenic Winter Park canals, marveling at the multi-million dollar mansions as you go. Then, head to Park Avenue for some shopping at both luxury brand names stores and local boutiques. As the sun sets, sample a multitude of wines at The Wine Room, where you can sip and savor over 156 wines from their self-serve, wine dispensing machines. Cap off the evening with dinner at Umi or Kres Chophouse

And how about a bridesmaids’ luncheon at The Glass Knife, which is as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious? Or a groomsmen’s round of golf at the Winter Park Golf Course?

Winter Park, FL offers endless possibilities for your wedding weekend, helping you relax and enjoy partake in the local culture before you tie the knot. 


Create a Boutique Wedding Experience 

Winter Park, FL gets its name from its history. Founded in the 1800s, it was originally a destination for wealthy Northerners during the wintertime to escape the cold. They built lavish winter homes here, primarily along the banks of one of the 6 immaculate lakes, but then spreading throughout the city. 

Over the years, Winter Park, FL has stayed true to its roots by remaining upscale and offering a boutique and luxurious experience that is unique to the area. Nowhere else in Orlando can you picnic amongst the willowy trees in one of the parks, sail down the lake, or enjoy one of the historic art museums, all within walking distance of each other! 

Winter Park, FL in short, is charming! The restaurants that line Park Avenue are not chain franchises, but rather, local homegrown eateries. There is natural greenery and manicured landscaping everywhere you go, from Kraft Azalea Gardens to Central Park to Mead Botanical Garden

While you’re here, stop by Harry P Leu Gardens, which is not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but is also our partner for John Michaels Events’ group catering tastings

Winter Park is a luxury destination, cuter than downtown Orlando, but not overly touristy like the theme parks. This makes it the perfect place for locals to get married and for visitors who crave a more cultured experience. 

  • Save Time & Money with our All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Everything we’ve talked about so far is exactly why Winter Park, FL is the ideal spot for our botanical garden wedding venue, Celebration Gardens! 

Celebration Gardens offers a sprawling event lawn for your wedding ceremony, surrounded by lush greenery hedges and colorful flora. For cocktail hour, guests will stroll underneath our vine covered canopy, grab a drink at our built-in white wooden bar, and play classic lawn games, like cornhole and horseshoes. To celebrate your new marriage, everyone can dance the night away in our large, open-air event pavilion. 

We are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the heart of Winter Park, FL. The atmosphere here at Celebration Gardens echoes the vibe of this charming town. We provide an enchanting setting for your wedding, complete with blooming flowers of all colors and types, greenery covering nearly every inch of the property, and an adjacent sparkling lake. 

Our couples love us for our famed botanical gardens, but also for our all-inclusive wedding packages! We offer customized packages that come with all the vendors you will need for the big day, including but not limited to catering, photography, music, and floral. By securing one of these packages, you’ll get all your wedding vendors booked in one fell swoop, and you’ll have one main point of contact for all of them! 

A Winter Park, FL Wedding Experience:

Are you excited about a Winter Park, FL wedding yet? It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience, combining the elegant luxury of the town with the natural beauty that few expect Orlando to offer. 

Hosting your wedding at Celebration Gardens in Winter Park, FL enables you to pamper your guests with upscale experiences from start to finish! Who wouldn’t love savoring the local cuisine, drinking in the vibrant art scene, and relishing in the beautiful parks here, all before getting married to your best friend in our gardens? 

When people think of an Orlando wedding, they traditionally picture images of Mickey Mouse and artificial castles. Instead of opting for the expected, treat your guests to something real and historic by hosting your wedding in Winter Park, FL. 

They will surely be blown away! 

Ready to Book Your Wedding in Winter Park, FL?

Celebration Gardens is Orlando’s premier botanical garden wedding venue, located in Winter Park, FL. Our Wedding Gazebo, lush gardens, and Large Event Pavilion provide a seamless flow from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. We also offer all-inclusive wedding packages to make wedding planning as simple and stress- free as possible! 

Are you interested in having a botanical garden wedding with us? Contact us today! Our friendly team members would love to chat with you and provide you with a customized quote. 

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