Frequenly Asked


What does the attendant do? The attendant represents the property and is there to make sure the property functions properly, bathrooms are stocked, etc. Due to liability and responsibilities, the attendant is not permitted to help clients unload, load, setup or breakdown your personal items.

It’s an outdoor environment! Wind can be calm or breezy at times. We don’t encourage real candles unless they are fully enclosed – they will just blow out. We suggest using heavily weighted items with your table numbers, décor items, picture frames, etc. Be sure items are well attached to a weighted item (like a picture on an easel)

What time can I arrive? Arrival time is strictly reserved for the exact time of your rental – guests nor vendors are permitted to enter early. Please advise your vendors of this. You can always rent additional time if needed.

What am I responsible for at clean up? The property must be free and clear of all trash and debris before leaving and placed in a trash receptacle or in our trash dumpster. This includes all vendors. We take care of emptying the trash cans as needed. Failure to leave the property free and clear of all trash and debris will affect your damage deposit.

Can I play with fire? Guests or clients are strictly prohibited from touching the fire pit. Our attendant will light the fire and replenish it as needed.

Where can I have a smoke? Smoking is only permitted in the rear of the property in the rear lawn or on the front porch of the bridal suite (for client use). Cigarette butts must be extinguished in our smoker urns. Excessive cigarette butts on the grounds can result in partial loss of your damage deposit.

How do I hang up something? No penetration of our wood is permitted. We suggest command hooks or fishing line to hang items. Removal of either at end of event is required.

I want to eat inside the house? Guests are prohibited to take food inside the bridal suite. The client may have platter food available while getting ready only.

Can I party all night? The city of Winter Park has a 10pm noise ordinance. We allow events to go until 12am​, but noise must be controlled after 10pm. We are not responsible for any police demands on noise after 10pm.