Villains Have More Fun

Recently, just before Halloween, Celebration Gardens was taken over by a slew of villainous characters.

Once again, the team of Ever After Character Events chose Celebration Gardens for one of their incredible events.

This event was for an awesome meet and greet with some of the best know villains. You see villains aren’t really bad people, they’re just misunderstood.

This amazing children’s meet and greet offered kids the opportunity to dress as some of their favorite characters and meet some of the world’s greatest villains.

The guests got to meet Mother Gothel, the master manipulator of Rapunzel, the Queen of Hearts, and the heartless Evil Queen who slipped Snow White a sleeping potion.

Some of the children dressed as their favorite villains and princesses, including the iconic Cruella De Vil.

Everyone enjoyed a little Halloween mayhem with Jack Skellington and Sally, Captain Hook, Gaston and even Maleficent made an appearance.

Villains are the reason for the existence of heroes!

Our Celebration Gardens team loves being the heroes. Here’s what the owner of Ever After Character Events had to say after their recent character meet and greet event.

Your staff was amazing again. It is so stress-free and a pleasure to host events at Celebration Gardens.  Everyone is so friendly and professional.  And we had wonderful feedback from the attendees.”

Our Celebration Gardens location, just outside of downtown Orlando on the edge of Winter Park offers easy access for your guests and the perfect location for your upcoming children’s event or birthday party.

Our flexible rentals offer both indoor and outdoor event options, and our beautifully landscaped gardens make a wonderful backdrop for your children’s photos.

Additionally, while Celebration Gardens offers an incredible list of Preferred Vendors, you have the opportunity to work with the vendors of your choice or provide bring in your own refreshments.

We invite you to contact our Celebration Gardens team at 407-960-2853 to discuss your upcoming events.

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