Planning an Outdoor Wedding in FL This Summer?


Outdoor Summer Weddings in Central Florida Having your wedding in Florida in the middle of summer? Here are some tips for summer wedding planning that will ensure you and your guests have a beautiful day.Celebration Gardens - Outdoor Wedding Venue in Orlando

  • Tents are a must if your ceremony is during the day. Some venues providetents, but if not, there is likely a tent rental service where you can get them. The temps can easily reach over 90 degrees during the height of summer in Florida, so make sure your guests have shade and are comfortable. If it’s going to be scorching, also consider outdoor cooling fans or air conditioners. And don’t leave metal chairs out in the sun for too long! Use cushions or keep the surfaces from direct sunlight so the guests don’t get burned by the chairs when they sit.
  • Summer is prime time for vacation, especially for those with school-aged kids. Make sure your invitations are sent out early, so your wedding makes it on the calendar of all your friends and family before their trips to the theme parks are planned.
  • Consider lighter foods over big bulky meals. Lighter meals are much easier to handle by dancing guests when the heat has set in for the day.
  • Consider planning a summer wedding later in the evening. Evenings can be quite comfortable in Florida and can provide the perfect weather for a spectacular outdoor dance floor! If you don’t have a specific need to get married during the day, a summer night wedding could be the perfect solution to beat the heat.
  • Even if you do all the planning right, your guests may still need a little protection. Consider having sunscreen available for your guests. Ensure that there is plenty of ice-cold water available during the reception. You would be surprised how many gallons your guests can go through when the sun shines brightly! If it’s an evening ceremony, consider lighting the event with citronella candles or distributing mosquito repellent.
  • Since the wedding party will be dressed in their best all day no matter the heat, make this part of your attire planning. If you know you’re having an outdoor ceremony or that your wedding party will have to endure Florida’s summer heat, ensure that the materials selected breathe easily and wick moisture if possible.
  • No matter how professional of a job you had done on your makeup, it can’t survive copious amounts of sweat. Have someone designated in the wedding
    party let you know if your makeup begins to run. It may also be worth hiring a professional makeup artist for the day who provides periodic touchups throughout the event.
  • Throughout the day the photographers are likely going to want to get you all dressed up and out in the sun for photos. Not only is this a good time to check your makeup, but you should check those flowers, too. Flowers wilt quickly in the Florida heat. Speak with your florist during planning about flowers that resist wilting better than others. If you are planning to throw a bouquet during the reception, consider keeping it refrigerated in a vase of water unless it’s needed for the ceremony or photos.
  • It would be wise to do a trial run with your desired hair. Complicated up-do’s can be delivered a fatal blow by high humidity. Make sure you talk to your hair stylist about your desired wedding hairstyle and discuss how the day’s sun and humidity will affect your choice.
  • As for the food, take care to ensure dishes are kept at appropriate temperatures and shielded from insects. Take special consideration with that cake; if left in direct sunlight your cake will quickly melt and collapse under its weight.

Summer is a wonderful time to get married. Florida is a great place to get married. But getting married in the Florida summer can be challenging. Proper preparation and a limitless supply of ice water can help get you through without a hitch.

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