Orlando Wedding Venue & Events: Magical English Garden

Fall is the perfect time to get married in the Orlando area. A romantic English Garden wedding venue, says love is in the air.  Take a few low cost color and design ideas inspired by nature, to make your wedding and reception a beautiful and magical day.

Sheknows brings us a few great ideas:



Every bride chooses her colors based on personal preferences, but decorating in a garden space means nature has already done half the work for you! In order to complement the surroundings rather than compete with them, choose a palette that’s floral based and occurs naturally.

Soft peach, warm yellow and pale pink is a pretty combination that mimics flowers and stands out from the greenery.


One of the best ways to add interest to an area is to give it layers. This works in home decor as well as party decor and can be thought of in terms of height or depth.

Layering the table with a base cloth and a runner lengthwise is nice, but make it even more interesting by adding shorter, more decorative runners across the table, too. This not only adds color, but it visually connects place settings that are across from one another.

Statement piece

Everyone knows the wedding cake is the pièce de résistance at a reception, but the current trend is to also have an auxiliary table set with other sweets and goodies. A twist on this idea is to set up a late-night snack table with an assortment of treats that guests can nibble on after dancing or pack up and take home.

Brownie pops and donuts are a great choice and can easily be made ahead or purchased. Add a few candies for variety and to impart more color into the display.

Orlando’s Celebration Gardens

Choosing the perfect place to celebrate your wedding with your family and friends can be difficult. Lets face it, Orlando certainly has many to choose from.

Celebration Gardens, located in Winter Park, Florida, not only offers a beautiful venue setting for weddings, receptions, meetings, parties, family reunions, corporate events, and so much more, it is also an affordable way to celebrate your special day.

But what sets Celebration Gardens out from the rest? Magical fairy tale ambiance. Just envision your wedding, a romantic, intimate ceremony or a lavish celebration, with an incredible beauty of a colorful garden, fresh flowers, flawless manicured grounds, over head are twinkling lights for dancing, and welcoming footpaths to greet your guests.

Contact Celebrations Gardens for information and reservations! 

Planning a


Contact our Celebration Gardens team to discuss your spectacular Orlando garden wedding, to secure your wedding date and to find out more about our fantastic Celebration Gardens Preferred Vendors.
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