Orlando Magical Ambiance: Wedding Receptions and Events

Celebration Gardens, located in Winter Park, Florida, not only offers a beautiful venue setting for weddings, receptions, meetings, parties, family reunions, corporate events, and so much more, it is also an affordable way to celebrate your special day.

Choosing the perfect place to celebrate your wedding with your family and friends can be difficult.  Lets face it, Orlando certainly has many to choose from.


But what sets Celebration Gardens out from the rest? Magical fairy tale ambiance. Just envision your wedding, a romantic, intimate ceremony or a lavish celebration, with an incredible beauty of a colorful garden, fresh flowers, flawless manicured grounds, over head are twinkling lights for dancing, and welcoming footpaths to greet your guests. A wedding celebration should reflex the happy couple.

How Stuff Works recently had an article on How To Choose the Best Wedding Reception Site for Your Personality. You like to express yourself, right? It’s not like you listen exclusively to elevator music or your wardrobe consists entirely of muted gray pantsuits and boring brown blouses. So why, on one of the most important days in your life, would you accept anything less than a perfectly personalized wedding reception? In a world of custom-fitted wedding gowns, brides too often forget that the reception site should also be custom-suited, too. Regardless of your style, budget or the size of your guest list, you can choose a site that’s functional and expresses your personality.

Every now and then you attend an Orlando wedding venue so sweet and beautiful, so magical words can’t do it justice. Discover why Celebration Gardens has become a premier wedding venue. An elegant event, crafted from the heart, inspired by a quaint English garden and the perfect place for any event.

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