It’s Engagement Season in Orlando!

It’s engagement season in Orlando and across the country! More couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day than the rest of the year combined.

One of the first events of wedding planning, for most couples, is an engagement party. And Celebration Gardens is the perfect location for an Orlando engagement party.

The questions we see the most center around who plans the engagement party, who do you invite, and what happens at an engagement party. So, here are a few things you should know about planning an engagement party.

Who Plans Our Engagement Party?

Traditionally, the parents of the bride planned the engagement party. Obviously, with a diversity of couples getting married, and their families, anyone can plan the engagement party.

I can be your parents, partner’s parents, sibling, or other family members. Ideally, you as the couple are the guests of honor. If at all possible, don’t plan your own engagement party.

How Soon Should We Host The Engagement Party?

There are a bunch of events during the wedding planning process. Usually, the engagement party is the first and often within the first few months. Not only does it spread things out a bit, but it’s still new and everyone, including the two of you, is super excited!

Who Gets invited To Our Engagement Party?

Now you’re going to have a little work to do. Usually, only people who will be invited to the wedding get invited to the other wedding parties. 

With that said, one of the first wedding planning projects is to work on a guest list. You’ll need to have a guest list to start looking for a wedding venue of the appropriate size – and you’ll need that list for whoever is hosting your engagement party.

What’s Next?

Pick a date! Hopefully, whoever is hosting the party talks a bit with you about dates that work. With the holidays around the corner, people’s schedules are filling up. And while it’s okay to combine a holiday gathering with an engagement party, keep in mind that many people have other commitments and might not be able to attend.

After you’ve settled on a date, it’s time to book a venue. Celebration Gardens is an ideal location for an engagement party. The grounds are exceptionally flexible for whatever style of party or theme you might be planning. The gardens make a fantastic backdrop for your photos. Our policies allow hosts to bring in their own catering, and vendors let you customize your event.

Date – CHECK, guest list – CHECK, venue – CHECK! That takes you to invitations. Depending on the style of your engagement party and how much planning time you have, a paper invitation is always an excellent way to set the event’s tone. But, for the more relaxed event and how much time you have, a well-designed e-vite works really well too!

What Else Do We Need To Know?

While whoever is planning the engagement party will handle the big stuff. And hopefully, they’ll come to you for feedback and with questions.  But there are still a few things that only you as a couple can do.

Meet the Parents – if your parents haven’t met by chance, absolutely try to do this before the engagement party. Something in a more relaxed setting without many people around so they can get to know each other a bit.

Set Up A Registry – you’re going to need to set up some kind of registry for your wedding and upcoming wedding showers. There will be people who want to give a gift for your engagement, so there I no time like the present to get your registry started.

Somewhere down the road, you’ll want to pick out some fun attire that suits the occasion. Your partner will want to select something that compliments whatever you are wearing and the formality of the party – so, talk about it! And, don’t forget to get your nails done – everyone wants to see your ring!

Hopefully, this gives you a little heads up on the first of many wedding-related events in-store. Our Celebration Gardens team has flexible date availability. Our pricing and inclusions make us an ideal location to host your engagement party!

Congratulations and Happy Planning!

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