How to Balance Technology & Your Special Day

Technology getting in the way on a wedding dayAlthough trends come and go, the bulk of the work that goes into planning a wedding is the same. There are dozens of individual elements to arrange and orchestrate in a manner where everything can run smoothly. Everyone likes for a plan to execute perfectly, even more on a day where you would prefer to be able to enjoy yourself instead of working on logistics. Today, technology and the Internet can make planning your event even easier.

First, let’s talk about planning. Timeline Genius is a website that allows you to create and organize all of the logistics for the day in one convenient website, also accessible on their mobile app. They have timeline templates that are fully customizable that allow you to plan and store all of the information related to those plans so nothing will be forgotten. Moreover, if something does, you will not have to scramble for the information you need to get things back on track. Since planning a wedding is such an immensely detailed process, the value of working with a wedding planner and organizing the information in this safe and efficient manner cannot be overstated. They say if something can go wrong on your wedding day, it will. The best decision is to get someone on your side and be as prepared for those hiccups as best you can.

The second tough task to accomplish is the seating chart. All Seated is an app that allows you to work with your wedding planner to create floor plans for the venue. You can integrate guest lists and assign individuals or groups of individuals to specific tables. With natural color coordination for capacity, it’s easy to ensure your room stays balanced. It also makes the task of separating relatives that don’t get along more manageable!

Finally, let’s talk about Squarespace. For significantly cheaper than the cost of postage associated with sending out those invitations, you can create a digital invitation that can be shared, interacted with, and updated in real time. Choose from one of hundreds of Wedding Day website templates and plug in all the information from your event. In no time you can create your very own website for your wedding! After you choose a cute domain name, you can share this unique and let’s face it, more practical way of inviting your friends and family to your wedding. If you still choose to send out traditional invitations, include the website on the invitations so you can share the menu, curate song playlists for the dance, and even archive selfies from the reception.

Technology is creeping into every aspect of our lives. Finding creative ways of practically using technology before the wedding starts, to make life easier, is a great idea – even for those couples choosing to enforce a technology-free ceremony.

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